Follow your dreams and always dream big

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I know, I know it may sound tacky and washed out, but if you take it a little bit more seriously you will surely find your own personal dreams and never give up on them.

The reason I support such an idea is my belief that everything we do starts with dreaming about it, wishing it truly and passionately, and later on finding ways and small steps that can turn our dreams into plans. Sometimes it would seem your dreams are far away or unrealistic. Sometimes people around you such as family and friends will consider them pretentious or silly. Sometimes you will feel you cannot do it. However, always remember that bad days do not last long and that there are always obstacles you need to solve to fulfill every little task that comes your way.

Keeping up your motivation and desire to achieve no matter what is something that will provide you comfort and support in the days of self-doubt or when everything you do goes wrong or sloppy. It is important not to let anything distract you and influence your decisions if bad times appear. Good days are those that count and during such optimistic times, you should consider what to do next.  As I said earlier, thanks to motivation and dreaming big, it gets easier to turn your ideas into concrete plans.

Quite some time ago, I learned this lesson the easy way – from my grandfathers’ advice. Not so long ago I learned it the hard way – from my own experience. Yes, you guessed, this is a story about a little girl who had hopes and dreams. Yes, this is a story about a girl whom everyone laughed at. Yes, this is a story about a little girl who failed a million times to make one final success. This is a story about a little girl who grew up never forgetting her promise to believe in the impossible and fulfill her dreams of writing and publishing. She became a woman who spent eight years working on and investing in her life, education, knowledge, and confidence. A woman who fought hard to pursue her scientific research, and published it as an independent book. A woman who never stopped being inspired to write romantic love poems for others to read. A woman who sits at home right now and writes her first novel. A woman who never gives up.

All in all, it does not really matter if you dream about a new pair of sneakers that you can’t afford without your parents’ help, or finally passing that exam you were too lazy to learn properly, or starting a new business. No. We all have specific individual needs, dreams, ideas, illusions and our own ways of fulfilling them. However, if we do not follow them enthusiastically we can never create a concrete plan and start solving one step at a time in order to achieve what we want.

So, if you need a new dress, or sneakers, or that expensive fancy bag you saw in the shop window, then enter that shop and ask if they need help or a part time worker. Ask for an opportunity, earn that money and get yourself something you want. And if that silly exam keeps bothering you and all your friends tease you, stay at home a couple of nights and really start studying! You have no idea where to start? Ask a friend, read forums, call people who do similar things, look for advice wherever you can think of. Maybe you will not become the next James Bond or Steve Jobs, but the point is you do want to become them – you want to become you, what and who you dream about being and doing. And trust me, dreams come true only if you believe in them and fight for them.