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Dear friends,
As we successfully completed the competition for our last collection TREPTAJ VREMENA , I am pleased to inform you that the new one started on October 22, 2017.
The new contest was made for the Blue Sapphire Collection.
For the contest you can submit a minimum of two poems or stories, and a maximum of ten poems or stories (i.e. pages).

The competition starts on October 22nd. 2017 and due to great interest it will continue until 20.01.2018.

The poems you send must be in Word format, as well as without grammatical errors, if possible.
One poem should have up to 28 verses, except with two short words, because then the page loses its appearance and visible beauty to the readers. And our goal is the beauty and quality of the beautiful word at the same time.
The story and prose rules remain the same as in the previous competition, except that the registration fee will be calculated per page, so the stories can have up to 32 rows.

You should send your poems and stories to: with an indication for the Blue Sapphire contest. 
With your works, make sure you also send your signature that you want to be in the book.
There will be a praise for the best authors and their works.
Of course you will be informed as soon as possible whether your papers are accepted. After that, you pay a fee. For all other information and questions, please contact the above e-mail and we will clarify everything.

I would also like to add that if you have talented children, they can participate in a separate chapter, with your approval. I belive it is important to give the younger people the opportunit. They will not pay the participation fee, because I personally think that children should be given the opportunity to show their gift!

Sincerely, Radica Matuski
Good luck!!!