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Most youths have already heard about MladiInfo International platform and know approximately what it is about. Besides providing help and information to students, youth, youth workers and numerous other interested parties, the website publishes articles and offers support and training for those willing to work for them. As part of the Creative writing program I wrote a short story on a given topic, so enjoy reading it in the link or down below.

It’s about the greatest man in my life…

A dreamer. A believer. An achiever. The man, who influenced my life and made me who I am today, and who deserves his story to be heard. I want to share a story about the most important and loved man in my life. My grandfather.

I have spent my entire life without a father, and if anyone has ever been close to a fatherly role and figure in my life it was my granddad. We shared the grief and lack of an important figure in our lives since he grew up without his mother. I believe this mutual understanding of a loss or absence of someone we needed and wanted close to us, was exactly what created the special connection we had. His presence in my life and his witty and wise stories always kept me going, inspiring me to try and work harder, even when things get hard in life.

His enthusiastic approach to life was something that helped him through life. After he lost his mother at an early age, his father remarried, the act that forced to flee from his home. One of his greatest ‘adventures’, as I used to call them, happened just after he left his family home and decided to become a sailor.

Aged 13 and still an innocent, naive child deep down in his heart, this brave man decided to take his chances whatever the cost and take his life into his own hands. With only a few basic items packed in a small bag, he traveled for days in order to pursue his big dream. He traveled on foot, on a bicycle, with peasants on tractors, and after days and nights spent on the road, he reached the port of almost 400km far Dubrovnik. He directly and openly approached the first ship he saw and asked to become a sailor. Of course, the staff laughed at him – he was thin, small, short, tired and dirty from a long trip. However, he was persistent and fearless in expressing his wishes despite the mocking, so the captain felt sorry for the little, poor boy and took him on board as help in the kitchen.

As it turned out later, this showed to be a turning point in his life and a completely positive and prosperous way. During only one year on the ship, he traveled the Mediterranean Sea, met new people and new cultures, and created wonderful relations with his fellows. Not to mention how much he grew and gained weight because of all the cooking and eating in the kitchen he worked in. He parted with his Dubrovnik friends after one year, when his oldest brother managed to found him in Genoa and persuaded him to go back home and finish school. He left back home, with a promise to go back to the ship as a real sailor.

Regardless of bad life, poor disrupted family relationships after his return, as well as multiple school obligations, he continued to believe his dreams will come true one day and always hold on them as a guiding star and an everlasting truth in his life. It took him five years to finish school and get into the State Navy Academy training program. Five long, miserable and painful years of sacrifice, work, persistence and enormous courage to carry on and never give up. The poor little country boy grew up, became strong, and fought like a lion to fulfill his dreams. He DID fulfill his dreams. Not in a day. Not in a month. Not even in a year. All in all, it took him six years to enter the training program and another three to finish the Navy Academy. Eventually, he did! Just like he promised.

His psychological strength and belief in himself kept him alive and ready to fight for his dreams. And yet again, his dreams made him do whatever was necessary to fulfill them. Even when mocked and humiliated, he refused to give up. He dreamed on and followed his path. And I learned from him to do the same.

Advertisement, Social networks and the modern photo-mania

I can not help it but return to the topic I already wrote about earlier but this time in a little bit more positive attitude. Yes, I definitely support the use of all social media (if you have the nerves and time, of course) or just limiting to a few profiles or Pages that you can easily access and update at any time from any place. The reason – promote, expand, upgrade your job, a small start-up, inspire, connect to people and make some kind of positive impact that you believe you should or could.

Now I can not emphasize this enough – never, ever trick and fraud people with it! I just read an article about a woman in Croatia who tricked hundreds of women with a fake Facebook profile for selling clothes and jewelry. If you can not sell your products, answer the needs of your client or just need some fast cash – WORK FOR IT!I know, this might sound unprofessional – I do not really sell much because working face to face suits me better than online – but I do write and take pictures for my blog, Instagram and Facebook page on a 2-3 days basis. If I know I will not be able to respect my friends and followers and update regularly I will make a scheduled post – if I do not I would lose their trust and disappoint their expectations.  In case you are interested, take a look and find me 🙂

Third International competition by Zlatno Pero, Knjazevac, Serbia

Zlatno Pero, from Knjazevac, south Serbia, continues the tradition of wonderful and inspiring poetry and short story competitions. This summer, the Third International competition runs under the slogan ‘All loves of the Balkan’. Anyone can send up to three poems or short stories written in any language and up to one page long. Even more, you can send a picture of you and your loved ones to be on the cover of the official, written Journal of poems and short stories.

The competition started on July 6 and lasts until August 15. Hurry up because there are only a few days left! For more information contact



Književni klub “Zlatno pero” Knjaževac, Srbija raspisao je  Treći međunarodni književni konkurs pod nazivom “Sve ljubavi Balkana”. Na konkurs se mogu prijaviti svi, i možete slati po jednu priču do tri kucane strane i tri pesme do jedne strane, i to na bilom kom jeziku. Konkurs je otvoren od 6. jula do 15. avgusta 2017. godine.

Za sve dodatne informacije javite se na e-mail


Every year an organization from Vukovar, Portal Forum, organizes a series of events and updates the public on numerous topics regarding their work and everything going on in this city.

Last year they’ve published a competition for short stories writers on the topic ‘SLOBODA’ (FREEDOM). The three winning participants were announced in February, and you can find their stories on their official website or the link in my Connections tab. A more detailed Journal of most of the participating stories will be officially published by the end of the year- so, stay tuned!

In the mean time – read my story, which won third place 🙂



   – Luta mi se. U lutanju je spas. Nada. Mogućnost. Želja. Da idem, da odem, da pobjegnem, da ne gledam. Mir koji sam tako dugo tražila, nije tu, nije uz mene. Nije u ovom zagrljaju od lanaca. Moj mir je nemir. Lutanje. Kretanje. Sloboda…

Zašto si onda izabrala taj mir, mislim se u sebi. A riječi nesvjesno i mehanički izlaze van iz mojih usta, a da ih i ne osjetim. Vidim da joj nije pravo što tako otvoreno pitam…

 –  Kada pogledam sebe prije pet godina i sada ne bih mogla odvagati da li sam se promjenila postepeno i slučajno, ili namjerno jer sam baš tako htjela. Mislim da je i jedno i drugo ustvari tačno.

Čovjek se mijenja dok je živ. Nekad na bolje, nekad na gore. Nekad po svome, nekad kako drugi sviraju. Ali sve je to izbor.

– Vidiš ja sam to zaista izabrala. Bila sam umorna. I sad sam umorna. Od traženja. Od bježanja. Od gubljenja. Od nesigurnosti. Od kratkotrajnosti. I sebe i drugih, i svih polovično započetih obaveza i svačijih neiskrenih obećanja koja nikada nisu namjeravali da ispune. I tada se pojavio On. Jedina konstanta. Uvijek isti. Uvijek na istom mjestu, u istom gradu. U istom društvu. Bez mnogo planova i želja, bez mnogo zahtjeva, bez mnogo ambicija, bez mnogo ičega, a svega pomalo. Savršen. Za skrasiti se. Smiriti se. Doći uveče i zaspati. Odmoriti se od trčanja za vjetrenjačama, snovima, nadanjima, budućnostima. Napokon usporiti.

Usporiti ili stati i ukopati se na jednom mjestu?! Hmmmm…

– Zar me tako dobor znaš? Jesam, stala sam. Tamo gdje nikada nisam ni pomislila da hoću. Zapela sam u rascijepu svojih snova i iluzija i planova i njegove učmalosti i bezvolje da išta promijeni. Da me u ma čemu podrži, sasluša, shvati.

Lagala bih ako kažem da ga ne volim. Lagala bih i ako kažem da ga volim. Istina je negdje na pola puta – polako prestajem da ga volim, ali još uvijek nemam snage da priznam grešku i poraz, te ovu ušuškanu, mirnu sigurnost s njim zamjenim za haotični ambis novog početka. Izgubila sam hrabrost. Izgubiću i Njega. I šta ću onda? Ostaje li mi išta ili je suđeno da ništa nemam? Nikad i nisam. Takav se valjda rodiš. Naivno je bilo vjerovati da će ovaj put biti drugačije…Znam, glupa sam. Luda sam.

Dakle, sama si sebi kriva. ( Kažem naglas.)

Upssss. Opet moja jezičina…

Ugrizem se, pa pomislim – pitala si, znala si da ja odgovore ne znam umotavati u ukrasne papire. Trpi sad.

Shvati kako želiš. U meni sve skoro pa da vrišti. Sve samo to ne. Samo nikad nemoj dopustiti da budeš močvara! Budi rijeka, budi more, budi okean. Ne daj da te umire i pripitome kako oni žele! Budi ta divljina koju nosiš u srcu. Budi ta bujica i bura koju nosiš u duši! Budi sloboda! Budi ti u obliku koji ti se najviše sviđa, čak i kad najviše boli, najviše ujeda…