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1. Blogging

From traveling, wandering, hiking, running, eating, sleeping, cursing, swearing, singing, trying, dreaming, working, burping, and other -ings that cross my mind or others want me to talk about…

2. Translating/Interpreting


You need an official, stamped written translation or help with communicating with friends, colleagues, bosses, investors – contact me anywhere, anytime and the price is set quickly, confidentially and reliably! Use the personal email or social network for a faster response.

3. Writing

It started with a few scribbles in notebooks and ended with published poems, short stories, awards and a novel in progress that is quoted on my official social profiles.

Also if you need proofreading or copywriting, do not hesitate to contact me!


4. Tutoring/Counseling

People say that writing a Masters or a Ph.D. thesis changes our views, attitudes and sometimes the entire course of our lives or work. After working with blind and visually impaired children I became more open and understanding for their needs and difficulties, so expect to find stories about that in emphatic and supportive style. However, this period of my life made me less tolerant for students who have it all and ignore the crucial things in life – health and good manners, so do not be surprised by judgemental stories concerning that 🙂